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Barnett Family, ready to partner with families to improve communication

You don't have to do this alone!

Are you ready to have a partner to help you improve communication?


We are here to help!


You don't need to be frustrated by poor communication skills any more.

Families know something isn't quite right and they need help. But often they don't know where to turn.

We are here to help!

Thank You!


You have been an incredible blessing to not just C. but to our entire family. When C. comes home excited about hanging out with Mrs. Lauren and tells us about what he learned it warms my heart! I thought this would be a challenging experience but you have made it fun and encouraging :) You have been blessed with a remarkable gifting and I am so thankful God has brought you into C’s life! Thank you for all your hard work and investment. 



    The G. Family

Our Beliefs

We are committed to our faith in Jesus Christ.  While we are licensed professionals in our fields, we also want to be sensitive to the desires and special circumstances that sometimes guide people to seek out help from the helping professions.


We believe that God has a purpose for all of us.  We believe that He wants us to help each other.  We draw upon our faith and truth from the Bible in our own lives and we do not separate our careers from our lives by offering only secular therapy.  We want you to know that we strive to meet you in your struggles where you are.


We have been practicing in secular settings for years and are very comfortable in that type of setting, but we want to also be sensitive to the needs of those who are seeking Christian counseling and speech and language services.  

Our Blogs

Billy's Counseling Blog                                                    

 Billy's Christian Counseling Blog is designed to help families build lasting relationships and healthy communication with those they love.

Lauren's Speech Therapy Blog

I write about the activities I do with my children and my clients to help develop speech and language skills!

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Latest News

Our team is growing! Visit our About Us page to meet our new Team Members!

​Current Events

We are offering seminars and workshops at this time. Contact us about availability for your group! Click here!

Recommended Reading

We recommend a variety of books that will encourage, enlighten and broaden your understanding of yourself and your loved ones. Check out our list here!

Child Development Seminar

I once heard that in order to spot counterfeit money you should study the real thing instead of all of the different counterfeits out there. You could spend tons of time chasing all the different counterfeits but still not see them all. But if you spend time learning what real money looks like, no matter what the counterfeit looks like, you'll be able to spot it.


I feel that a similar situation exists with child development. You can learn about all sorts of developmental disorders (which does have value) but if you learn what is developmentally appropriate, any delay or disordered language will be quickly spotted and intervention can begin.


Families frequently ask me about developmental skills and whether or not their child is delayed or if their child should be able to do certain things. Teachers are often knowledgeable about the skills their age child should be able to do, but earlier and later developing skills are not so familiar.


We offer a Child Development Seminar geared towards parents that go through the skills children should have mastered by certain ages and what can be done at home to help enhance skills.


A teachers' workshop is also available for preschool teachers who work with 2 to 6 year olds.

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