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About us - get to know us a little!

We partner with families like yours to help improve communication.


We know that there are times when you realize that your child is struggling with speaking or understanding the things you are saying. We know that there are times when you realize that the techniques you are using to make them behave are not working.

If you are frustrated with the communication in your home and you are ready for something different - it's time for you to have Barnett Therapy Services partner with you! We are experts in communication. You are the expert on your family.


We can work together to improve communication skills to reduce frustration and help you have more positive moments with your family!

Lauren is a mom and a nationally certified Speech Language Pathologist. With more than 20 years of experience as an SLP working primarily with pediatrics, she still thinks she has the best job in the world!

Barnett Therapy Services partners with families like yours to improve communication. We believe that we can best serve the communication needs of children by providing effective, client-centered therapy, education for family and caregivers and outstanding customer service. Our ability to create fun and instantly applicable therapy activities causes children to eagerly look forward to working with us. Our communication with your family and your child's teacher keeps everyone on the same page with how to best help your child improve.


Lauren has worked with children of varying exceptionalities in many different settings. She currently provide private therapy for children in preschools, private schools, charter schools, childcare centers and via teletherapy. 

Billy and Lauren have two children, a thirteen year old daughter and a ten year old son. They constantly remind us how differently every child learns and experiences life.


"I love homeschooling my kids and camping with them in places all over Florida, watching them enjoy the wonders they discover!"

Billy is a licensed Mental Health Counselor. He started his counseling career in Osceola County where he worked in several programs at Park Place Behavioral Healthcare.  In these roles, he gained a vast amount of experience, specializing in counseling children and teens. He was the primary therapist for the Specialized Therapeutic Group Home.  This facility provided 24 hour care and therapy for adolescents with high risk behaviors.  Billy was directly responsible for coordinating all aspects of the mental health services in the group home.  He also provided counseling in Osceola county public schools through the Children's Outreach Program at Park Place.  In this role, Billy provided counseling services to students ranging from K-12th grade.  He also provided group therapy to adults in the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Department at Park Place.


For the past ten years he has been providing private therapy for children, adults, families and couples, in the office and at their homes and more recently on teletherapy.


Billy is also an Associate Course Director at Full Sail University where he teaches in the psychology department.

Monica is a certified Speech-Language Pathologist and earned her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Communication Disorders from Florida State University. She has over 20 years experience in pediatric speech-language services and has worked in clinic, home-care and school settings.


Monica's years of working with children have provided her with a wide range of experiences and treatment approaches that benefit children  and their families with individualized care.


In her spare time, Monica enjoys reading, cooking, exercising and spend time with her husband and three kids. She is a homeschooling mom three days a week, in partnership with the school her children attend.

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Cheryl attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst for her undergraduate education and  completed graduate school at UCF. She began working as a Speech-Language Pathologist in public schools in 2005. Her specialties include working with bilingual children, diagnostics, and the incorporation of literacy techniques to improve communication skills.  She enjoys helping students, of all ages, learn new skills and strategies throughout the course of their development to support communication in their natural and academic learning environments. Language is everywhere and part of everything we do! Cheryl loves showing families how to incorporate the skills needed for successful speech and language skills into everyday activities. 

Cheryl's hobbies include creating baked goods and seasonal crafts with her two daughters. She enjoys visiting the many beautiful beaches in Florida, bookstores, and Disney parks with her family. 



“I think working with families is so vital in supporting a student's communication skills.”


Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much. — Helen Keller

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Hi! Thanks for checking this out!


Are you a Speech Language Pathologist?  Do you love working with children who need help with their communication skills?


Are you a creative, energetic people-person? Do you enjoy helping families learn new strategies to improve communication?

Do you have a passion for working with caregivers to help children improve communication skills?


Are you looking for a team to be a part of where you can grow and develop your therapy skills? If so, keep reading...


Barnett Therapy Services is looking for a confident, professional and outgoing part-time SLP to join our team. We are growing like crazy and we are looking for someone who can join with us to meet the communication needs of families in our community with the BTS quality of service and experience that our families and locations have come to know and expect. We do things a little differently here! If this is a team that you want to be a part of, send your resume and fill out an application today!

Andrea is a designer who works with Barnett Therapy Services. She is working with us to organize and customize digital media including forms, images and web design.

"I love that Barnett Therapy Services helps families in all aspect of communication. I enjoy being a part of the team that works behind the scenes."

June was born in Ohio but raised in South Florida where she lives with her husband, Eric. They are high school sweethearts and have three wonderful, adult aged children. She loves to play with her four grandchildren.

She taught preschool for 19 years, retired but then came out of retirement to work with her oldest daughter, Lauren, just like she and her mom worked together in a gift shop business they owned.

She loves to camp in her Sprinter Van and travel all over the US!

Our Mission

To improve the lives of families by providing effective therapy services, educating families and caregivers, serving our clients and staff, and pursuing excellence.

Why choose us?

We started Barnett Therapy Services to meet the needs of families in our community. We are excited to work with individuals as well as couples and families.


We have the unique opportunity to understand and integrate aspects of both of our professions. In addition to being experts in our own fields, we have experiences that overlap both professions. Lauren worked at a behavior school and with children with a variety of mental health issues. Billy has worked with individuals who in addition to needing counseling have varing forms of communication deficits. Communication disorders and mental health concerns can go hand in hand.  


While you do not need to have both a communication disorder and mental health concerns to receive therapy from Barnett Therapy Services, we do not shy away from those involved cases that require both services. We offer services that look at the whole person and the whole family, not just pieces of who you are.

Our team uses proven strategies and techniques that help you improve communication.

Don't keep trying to do this alone! Contact us now!

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