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Speech and Language Development for Teac

Child Development Seminar

for  families!

I once heard that in order to spot counterfeit money you should study the real thing instead of all of the different counterfeits out there. You could spend tons of time chasing all the different counterfeits but still not see them all. But if you spend time learning what real money looks like, no matter what the counterfeit looks like, you'll be able to spot it.


I feel that a similar situation exists with child development. You can learn about all sorts of developmental disorders (which does have value) but if you learn what is developmentally appropriate, any delayed or disordered language will be quickly spotted and intervention can begin.


Families frequently ask me about developmental skills and whether or not their child is delayed or if their child should be able to do certain things. Teachers are often knowledgeable about the skills their age child should be able to do, but earlier and later developing skills are not so familiar.


This Child Development Seminar is geared towards parents and parent groups (like Moms groups!) and goes through the skills children should have mastered by certain ages as well as what can be done at home to help enhance skills.


A teachers' workshop is also available for preschool teachers who work with children ages 18 months to 6 year olds. For more information about that, click here!

At the Child Development Seminar

At the Child Development Seminar, depending on the size of the event, another Speech Language Pathologist and I will visit your group and present up to date information about developmental norms for children ages 18 months-2 years, 2-3 years, 3-4 year and 4-5 years.  We are available to speak at daycares, preschools or in your home.  At the end of the seminar there will be an open time for questions and discussion. The seminar lasts about one hour.


We also offer a Make & Take Bonus time that can be added to the end of the seminar. During the Make & Take, participants will choose one of four games and activities to create and take home with them that specifically focuses on one of the skills talked about during the seminar. Parents will be coached as how to use the activity with their child.


For more information about hosting a Child Development Seminar and Make & Take Bonus, contact me here!  You can also give me a call at 407-325-0427.

Availability may be limited. Conditions do apply. Please contact us to find out more information.

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