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Identify the Signs 201

Once you know what signs to look for (Identify the Signs 101), what do you do next?


Maybe you talk with the family about getting the child screened or evaluated by a profession or encourage them to talk with their pediatrician. However, as a teacher, you know that there will be students in your class that need speech or language services but for one reason or another will not be receiving it. 

I know that breaks your heart!

In this interactive seminar, we will discuss:

 - the differences between speech and language skills

 - the different areas of communication

 - the red flags or warning signs of early communication disorders

 - practical tips for what to do in the classroom

 - and situations that the teachers are experiencing right then!

Plus, we leave time for a Q&A time to discuss anything and everything related to speech and language disorders!

At the Identify the Signs 201 In-Service for Teachers

At the Identify the Signs 201 In-Services teachers and staff will interact with the presenter and each other asking questions, roll-playing and discussing the topics.

The inservice lasts 1 hour and a certificate of completion will be provided for each staff member in attendance!


For more information about hosting an Identify the Signs 201 In-Service, contact me here!  You can also give me a call at 407-325-0427.

Availability may be limited. Conditions do apply. Please contact us to find out more information.

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