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We know how important it is to find speakers who understand your locations needs and will present topics that will be immediately applicable to your situations.


We are honored that you have decided to find out more about what we can do for you!


We are available to speak with groups on a variety of topics of interest and current research. You can pick from our list of most frequently requested topics or suggest one of your own that your group is interested in. Each of the topics listed below can be presented as a keynote, a workshop or an in-service. They can presented in 30-60 minutes depending on your needs.

Identify the Signs 101


Did you know that in a recent survey, 64% of parents were unaware of the warning signs of early communication disorders?


Early detection and treatment is a major contributor to speedier recoversies, shortened treatement periods and reduced costs for individuals and society alike. This seminar is great for parents, teachers and caregivers of children ages birth to 6 years old.


The signs that will be discussed are

  • Signs of a Language Disorder

  • Signs of a Speech Sound Disorder

  • Signs of Stuttering (Disfluency)

  • Signs of a Voice Disorder

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B4K - Developmental Skills Your Child Needs Before Kindergarten


Kindergarteners come to school with a wide range of abilities. Some can read, others have had very little exposure to print and their ABCs. Most parents would love the opportunity to learn which developmental skills their children should have before that first day of school. This seminar is great for parents whose children will be finishing VPK or starting Kindergarten in the fall.


I cover skills in the areas of

  • Reading / Writing

  • Fine Motor / Gross Motor

  • Speaking / Listening

  • Social Skills

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Identify the Signs - 201


After the Identify the Signs - 101 seminar, you will know how to identify the early warning signs of communication disorders. But then what?


In Identify the Signs - 201,  you will learn classroom strategies and techniques to work with children who are demonstrating those early warning signs. In addition, tips for partnering with parents so that you both can be working on the same skills to help the child communicate more effectively. This seminar is designed for educators who have completed the Idenitfy the Signs 101 in-service.

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Child Development Seminar


Child Development Seminar is geared towards parents and goes through the skills children should have mastered by certain ages and what can be done at home to help enhance skills.


These ages include:

  • 18 months - 2 years old

  • 2 years - 3 years old

  • 3 years - 4 years old

  • 4 years - 5 years old

  • 5 years - 6 years old


A Make and Take Bonus can be added to this Seminar!

Speech and Language Development for Teachers


During the Speech and Language Development for Teachers In-Service we discuss typical child development, red flags that indicate possible concerns, interventions in the classroom and how to talk to parents when you have a concern.


This can be presented as a 1 Hour or 2 Hour In-Service!

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